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RYA Day Sailing

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This Day Sailing course is about preparing and planning for a day cruise, including pilotage and decision making due to varying conditions.

On completion of this course, the successful sailor will have a confident, safe approach to planning and executing a short cruise in a dingy, keelboat or multihull.

It is assumed that every student starting this course has already mastered the practical skills and absorbed the background knowledge required for Basic Skills Level 2. In addition, sailors wishing to cruise independently should ensure that they understand and can carry out the manoeuvres in the Seamanship Skills part of the National Sailing Scheme.



2 Day Course



The course will be supervised by a Coastal Senior Instructor and will be conducted on coastal waters.

Tuition will be given by trained instructors, using appropriate supervision ratios with regard to the location and competence of the students. The course will include the planning and execution of a short cruise.

Students will be kept informed of their individual progress throughout the course.

Candidates who hold the RYA Day Skipper Shore Based Course Completion Certificate or a higher level RYA cruising award may gain exemption from the chart work part of Navigation in the Sailing Background section that follows.



Course Syllabus

Sailing theory and background

Has knowledge of boat handling in strong winds and difficult conditions (practical where possible)


Can plan a day's cruise in coastal waters, including knowledge of:

  • Publications available particularly charts, tide tables, tidal stream atlases
  • Navigational instruments and their limitations afloat
  • Use of GPS including waypoint navigation
  • Confirming position by another source
  • Tidal heights and tidal streams (rule of twelfths or percentage rule), probable changes in the weather and the interaction of weather and tidal streams
  • Decision making in adverse circumstances including planning alternatives and refuges
  • Magnetic compass: variation and deviation
  • Interpretation of charts
  • Use of transits and bearings to steer course and fix position
  • Recording position and principles of dead reckoning

First Aid

Has a basic knowledge of first aid - those holding a valid first aid certificate are exempt from this item


Knows sources of information on weather patterns for the day. Understands main characteristics of high and low pressure systems and simple interpretation of synoptic charts. Has awareness of changing weather conditions



  • Can prepare and equip a boat for cruising including safety and navigation equipment
  • Can stow gear correctly

Sailing techniques and manoeuvres

  • Can plan and undertake a day sail including a consideration of pilotage/navigation and collision avoidance
  • Can use an anchor to effect lee shore landing and departure

Adverse conditions

  • Is able to self rescue following total inversion
  • Understands how to improvise in the event of gear failure

Experienced sailors direct assessment

The candidate must present logged evidence of at least two seasons sailing experience. He/she will complete all of the Practical section and while afloat, demonstrating a competent, purposeful and safe approach. He/she will answer questions on the Sailing Background section and where ever possible demonstrate skills satisfactorily afloat and ashore.


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