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RYA Performance Sailing

2 Days: £230.00

On completion of this course, the successful sailor will understand how to sail performance dinghies/keelboats/multihulls in all wind conditions that they can expect to encounter, sailing the boat to best advantage at all times. The emphasis is on coaching to improve the candidates sailing performance, this will involve coaching from power boats. This course is intended primarily for two-person spinnaker boats. However, it may be delivered in performance singlehanders and the certificate endorsed accordingly.

Tuition will be given by an Advanced Instructor for the type of boat, using appropriate supervision ratios with regard to the location and competence of the students and the need to provide continuous feedback on the water.

It will be assumed that students starting this course have already mastered the practical skills and absorbed the background knowledge required for Basic Skills Level 2. In practical terms, at least a full seasons sailing experience since learning to sail is advisable.



21 October '17Places


Students will be informed of their individual progress throughout the course.


Course Syllabus



Can rig any type of boat, including spinnaker and trapeze (if fitted)

Sailing techniques and manoeuvres

  • Can make best possible use of crew and equipment to sail efficiently on all points of sailing in a variety of conditions, including symmetric or asymmetric spinnaker.
  • Can spot and use windshifts and gusts to effect best course up and down wind.
  • Can perform capsize recovery including spinnaker.
  • Knows how to recover from total inversion.

Sailing Background

Sailing theory and background

  • Understands how to make use of wind variation and tidal eddies which occur due to geographical features and tidal conditions
  • Has an understanding of hull shapes and rig types, including their effect on performance. Understands planning and the effect of rails.


Knows sources of information on weather patterns for the day. Understands main characteristics of high and low pressure systems and simple interpretation of synoptic charts. Has awareness of changing weather conditions.

Experienced sailors direct assessment

The candidate must present logged evidence of at least two seasons sailing experience. He/she will complete all of the Practical section and while afloat, demonstrating a competent, purposeful and safe approach. He/she will answer questions on the Sailing Background section and where ever possible demonstrate skills satisfactorily afloat and ashore.


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