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RYA Sailing with Spinnaker

2 days: £230.00

This course covers everything you need to know about sailing with conventional or asymmetric spinnakers. You will learn how to rig the boat, gybe and recover one type of spinnaker, either conventional or asymmetric and how to sail the best possible course downwind.

On completion of this course, the successful sailor will understand how to sail a dinghy/keelboat/multihull rigged with asymmetric or symmetric spinnaker. It will be assumed that students starting this course have already mastered the practical skills and absorbed the background knowledge required for Basic Skills Level 2.

Tuition will be given by an Advanced Instructor or by an instructor with appropriate experience approved by the Principal, using appropriate supervision ratios with regard to the location and competence of the students.




21 October '17Places

Sailing Background


Has knowledge of courses for type of boat

Sailing theory and background

  • Understands the concept of apparent wind sailing
  • Understands the effect of hull shape on performance
  • Can assess sources of information and apply rig set-up for different conditions



Can rig boats including spinnaker and trapeze where fitted

Launching and recovery

Understands how to launch boats with open transoms and/or racks

Sailing techniques and manoeuvres

  • Can sail as crew or helm using equipment to good advantage
  • Can perform spinnaker hoist, gybe and drop as crew or helm
  • Understands and can sail best course downwind

Capsize recovery

  • Can perform capsize recovery including spinnaker
  • Knows how to recover from total inversion

Experienced sailors direct assessment

The candidate will complete all of the Practical section, demonstrating a competent, purposeful and confident approach to an Advanced Instructor. He/she will satisfactorily answer questions on Sailing Background afloat and ashore.

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