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RYA Dinghy Stage 1

5 Mornings: £195.00

5 Afternoons: £195.00

2 Days: £175.00

1 Day Practice Sail: £95.00


If any of the dates below are shown as full and you wish to join the course please contact the office to check availability, as depending on level of ability we may be able to take more on the course. 

Stage 1 is the introductory level for a young person who has
never sailed before. This course is
designed for complete beginners to learn how to handle a dinghy successfully and safely under supervision.

You will be taken on a the safety boat (RIB) out to our floating pontoon located on the river just opposite the harbour. Beginning in a Hartley Wayfarer you will be guided through the syllabus by an experienced instructor who will also be onboard. The Hartley Wayfarer dinghies are perfect for teaching small groups and allows less experienced students to learn safely.

Suitable for age 8-16 years.

East Anglian Sea School dinghy courses safely enable young students to further their sailing experience by teaching them to fine-tune their sailing to account for tides. The unique location also encourages awareness of other marine traffic on the busy River Orwell whilst under the watchful eye on the instructors and safety boat. This knowledge will aid future sailing within the higher levels of the RYA scheme and progression on to larger boats and yachts.


The Hartley Wayfarer Dinghy

Specially adapted Wayfarer dinghies offer easy sailing for safe instruction with furling head sails, asymmetric spinnakers and extra buoyancy.

All dates can support any level of instruction and we will ensure the correct skill level and appropriate number of instructors are on hand to deliver your quality tuition. 


By the end of this introductory course, you will have a basic understanding of how a boat sails, and some experience of steering and handling the boat. The full syllabus can be seen below.


RYA Stage 1 - RYA certificates are a significant achievement. Instructors sign off each skill as you complete it. Once completed, your certificate can be of use in contributing to other areas of your study or activities, such as PE in school or the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. 

Next Step

RYA Stage 2


The course can be completed over 2 full days or 5 half days.



5 Mornings or 5 Afternoons Course

This course takes place over five mornings or afternoons (Monday to Friday) from 9:30-12:30 or 13:30-16:30 each day.


24 July '17Places
31 July '17Places
07 August '17Places
14 August '17Places
21 August '17Places



24 July '17Places
31 July '17Places
07 August '17Places
14 August '17Places
21 August '17Places


2 Day Course

Two full days from 9:30- 16:30 with an hour for lunch, the student is expected to bring their own packed lunch. 

24 July '17Places
27 July '17Places
31 July '17Places
03 August '17Places
07 August '17Places
10 August '17Places
14 August '17Places
17 August '17Places
21 August '17Places
24 August '17Places
29 August '17Places
23 October '17Places

1 Day Dinghy Practice Days

These one day practice sail sessions are for those who have already gained at least RYA Stage 1 and are wishing to practice the sailing skills learnt on RYA Dinghy Courses on their own and in a safe environment to enhance and improve confidence whilst still having an instructor on hand in case they should need some gentle guidance.

26 July '17Places
02 August '17Places
09 August '17Places
16 August '17Places
23 August '17Places

All dates can support any level of instruction and we will ensure the correct skill level and appropriate number of instructors are on hand to deliver your quality tuition.











Stage 1 Syllabus



Can assist with rigging a boat.

Launching and Recovery

Can launch a dinghy and get underway with instruction. Can secure boat to a trolley. Can assist with recovery and stowage of dinghy and gear.


Can tie a figure of eight and cleat a halyard.

Sailing techniques and


Can be a responsive crew under instruction. Can steer when sailing and being towed. Can steer on a reach and go about (reach to reach). Understands the effect of basic boat controls. Understands the basic principles of stopping, controlling speed and getting out of irons. Can paddle or row (with sprit, paddle or oars). Can call for assistance.

Clothing and equipment

Can put on personal buoyancy correctly. Is confident in the water wearing personal buoyancy.

Capsize recovery

Understands the importance of staying with the boat

Sailing Background

Can name basic parts of a boat (i.e. hull, mast, rudder, tiller, centerboard, sheets etc). Understands what action to take to help those in distress. Understands local hazards. Understands how to prepare for a tow.

Clothing and equipment

Understands personal safety and knows what to wear for sailing (including head and footwear).


Has knowledge of wind direction.





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