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MCA (AEC) Diesel Engine

MCA Course- 4 days: £625.00

4 Day Marine Coast Guard Agency Approved Engine course (AEC)

If you rely on a marine diesel engine as the main propulsion unit on a vessel and need to be able to identify faults and carry out engine servicing this course is for you. As required for the MCA Code of Practice Safety of Large Commercial Sailing & Motor Vessels, the Safety of Small Commercial Motor Vessels and the Safety of Small Workboats & Pilot Boats.

The course covers the same subjects as the one day course but in much greater depth and with more "hands on" experience. An ideal addition to the skills portfolio for our Commercial Yachtmaster and Commercial Motor Yacht students. This course is also the first level qualification for the MCA Engineering Officer training scheme.

Our classroom is equipped with an engine to allow you to dismantle and rebuild the engine in a learning environment. During the course you will visit one of our boats and wherever possible a local external company to cover some of the practical aspects of the course.




Suggested Previous Experience


Course Content

The course covers marine diesel engine operation, the fuel, lubrication, cooling and electrical systems. Engine maintenance, winterisation and fault diagnosis are also covered. The MCA course covers each area in more depth than our one day course and this is reflected in the course duration. The MCA approved engine course complies with the requirements of the MCA Code of Practice for commercial vessels.

If you want to just be able to do basic engine checks and maintenance then try our one day engine course



MCA Approved Engine course 30 hour Certificate


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Accommodation can be recommended if you do not live locally.

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