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RYA International Certificate of Competence


Assessment Only (4 hours): £265

Tuition & Assessment (1 day): £375

Own Boat

Assessment Only (4 hours): £165

Tuition & Assessment (1 day): £275

There are three levels of International Certificate of Competence:

  • Yachts up to 24 metres (which includes Power up to 10 metres)
  • Motor up to 24 metres
  • Power up to 10 metres

This test of boat handling and seamanship leads to a certificate which includes a photograph of yourself, is written in seven languages and is valid for five years.

Each test is arranged on an individual basis and can be conducted on one of our yachts which leads to a certificate up to 24 metres, motor cruisers valid up to 24 metres or sports boats valid up to 10 metres.

All allow you to use the type of boat, for which your licence is valid, in coastal waters on the Continent.

Alternatively, you may prefer to be tested on your own yacht, motor cruiser or sports boat. Dates are arranged to suit your diary.

Before contacting our administration to book your test, please take a look at the exam form to see what the test consists of.

Tuition for the theory or practical sections can be given on either our boats or on your own boat, if you are not confident of passing without help. See above if you wish to download the Exam form and syllabus.



This exam leads to an endorsement on the above ICC certificate. It allows the holder to navigate on the inland waterways of Europe. It comprises of 30 multiple choice questions and takes about 30 minutes to complete in our office after studying the RYA book European Waterways Regulations (G17) which is available from our administration or eBay shop.


If you prefer to take the CEVNI test online please click here.

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