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RYA Start Yachting

2 day weekend: £305.00

The RYA Start Yachting course is a 2 day introductory course for complete beginners. Tuition is on board a cruising yacht and by the end of the course you will have experienced steering a yacht, sail handling, rope work and have an awareness of safety on board.

The Start Yachting course begins on a Friday evening giving you the chance to get settled in to life onboard before setting sail the next day. You are expected to stay onboard for the duration of the course and all of your meals are provided on our highly equipped yachts. This course will have you working with your other crew members to sail the yacht safety while also experiencing the beautiful scenery of the local rivers and coast.


Suggested Previous Experience



Course Content

You will be coached over the full RYA course syllabus (see below) as you live aboard one of the school owned yachts.



One weekend commencing at 20:30 hours on Friday and ending Sunday afternoon, available most weekends from March to November - see below


29 September '17Places
06 October '17Places
20 October '17Places
27 October '17Places


RYA Start Yachting Tidal Practical Certificate.

Holders of a Start Yachting certificate can go on to obtain a Competent Crew certificate by completing a further 3 days or 2 weekends of the Competent Crew course. This Start Yachting course will provide you with a good foundation for many years of happy and confident cruising.

Available to Hire

If the weather is not looking great or is forecast to be a bit chilly you can hire wet weather gear from us.

Musto Waterproofs available in S, M, L, XL and XXL.

£20.00 for the weekend.

You are expected to bring the following comfort pack items with you; however if you don't want to being your best duck down pillow or you haven't got a sleeping bag, don't worry you can hire a comfort pack from us!

'Comfort Pack' comprises of a freshly laundered sleeping bag, pillow, pillow case and towel - £15.00 for the weekend.




The Yacht

Basic knowledge of sea terms, parts of a boat, her rigging and sails


Ability to tie the following knots:- figure of eight, round turn and two half hitches, bowline
Securing a rope to a cleat
Use of winches and jamming cleats


Has experienced sailing a yacht on all points of sail
Can steer a yacht under power and sail

Rules of the road

Can keep an efficient lookout at sea


Knows where to obtain a weather forecast

Man overboard recovery

Understands the action to be taken to recover a man overboard

Clothing and equipment

Understands and complies with the rules for the wearing of life jackets, safety harnesses and personal buoyancy aids

Emergency equipment and precautions

Is aware of the hazards on board a yacht
Knows the action to be taken in the event of an emergency

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