The Holland Cruise is an opportunity to sail over to Holland and explore their spectacular inland waters. After the disastrous floods of 1953 in which some 2000 people lost their lives the Dutch erected a massive 27 mile dam across the River Rhine delta to prevent 250 miles of coastline from flooding again.  This enormous construction project created a unique sailing area of 5 inland seas. The once busy ports and fishing villages have now become picturesque tourist destinations.  If you like sailing to the heart of a town, taking in the quaint Dutch architecture and sampling the delights of Dutch hospitality at one of their many drinking houses, you will enjoy this trip. 

A little bit about my background: I have spent most of my adult life in the Army as an Royal Engineer, building bridges and then blowing them up! Whilst a keen skier, fisherman and squash player, sailing has been a hobby all my life.  I have sailed big boats on several round the world legs, done the Fastnet and a number of other races but I am equally at home at anchor in the Walton Backwaters on a sunny day, reading a paper, gin in hand.   

The advantage of sailing in early May is that the Dutch waterways are not as busy as it gets in the summer and the weather is comfortable rather than too hot. I am very flexible about what part you wish to play on board - relax, act as crew, navigator or take the role of skipper and get plenty of practice at boat handling in the numerous locks and harbours - the choice is up to you.   I have sailed the Dutch coast and inland seas on several occasions and think that it is one of the best cruising areas on the planet.  Join me for the experience of a lifetime. 


HOLLAND CRUISE 2020: John Chick - 9 day Sail in the Inland Waterways of Holland 2nd - 10th May