Those who have ever sailed with us are sure to know our Captain Pete, ex principle who last year handed the reins over to his daughter Amelia and Edd… to ‘retire’ in 2018!

Since ‘retiring’ he quickly got bored and decided that he would try his hand at the big boat stuff and is now officially qualified to MCA Master 200 tonne unlimited as well as Officer of the Watch 500 tonne #imagineparkingthat?!

He is currently en route to St Kitts in the Caribbean having left Palma on the 18th November 2019 onboard a beautiful 37.45 meter Oyster 1225! It’s a tough life eh!

However it hasn’t been ‘plain sailing’ for the crew, having got to Gibraltar some bad weather came in. This meant they needed to stop for a couple of days, but soon enough they were back on their way continuing the 4000 nautical mile journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

So, I mentioned the ‘crew’? Pete might be Mr Invincible to a lot of you reading this post but he isn’t alone. He is accompanied by the Boss Man Skipper James, First Mate Ollie (who used to teach our dinghy sailing courses throughout the summer), Dan the Engineer, Jess the Chef and Tim the Deck Hand to name a few along with a couple of other team mates too.

For any of you sailing geeks that want to know the technicalities of this trip, the total journey the crew are taking on is 4000nm. On 02/12/2019 they have just 1337nm to go with an ETA of reaching St Kitts on 08/12/2019 at 12:56am and have so far been travelling at an average speed of 9.5kts.

Enjoy some pictures below of what they have all been up to on this exciting journey (or as we are frequently reminded by Pete…. Its ‘work’!)

Have you got any questions for the crew? Living the life of luxury, they do have Wi-Fi all the way across the Atlantic so we can of course get your questions answered! Email or Private message the EASS Facebook page if you would rather.


Pete's biggest kite yet, only a 54m luff!! 

Ollie's Catch of the Day 


PETES BLOG: Pete takes on the Atlantic (again)!